How do I register for the Occupy Billions Retreat?


You can register online here.

How much does it cost to attend? When is the payment due?


The price of attendance depends on your enrollment date. If you enroll by February 15, the cost of Retreat is $75; by March 31, $100; and by April 8, $150.

What is included in the fee?


The fee includes admission, lodging, meals, recreational activities and one on one sessions.. Transportation costs are not included.

What is the Occupy Billions Retreat?


The Occupy Billions Retreat is a two-day, intensive leadership workshop for college students. It is perfect for students who want to grow deeper in their faith, students who would like to experience God in a new way, and students who would like to create memories that will last a lifetime. The Occupy Billions Retreat is an experience you will never forget. 

I'm not a college student can I attend The Billions Retreat?


The Occupy Billions Retreat is only designed for students on the university campus. In order to keep a safe environment for the students we limit the Occupy Billions retreat to college students and the staff of our Occupy Campuses. 

My parents are worried, will there be adult/staff supervision?


Students will be under direct staff supervision for the entire duration of the retreat. Students will be separated by gender at curfew and adhere to our zero-tolerance policy. Occupy Global strives to create a safe environment for all of our college students and we will continue to provide a place of safety and comfort.

Where is the retreat located?


The address/driving directions will be released to all registrants two weeks prior to the retreat. The retreat is located in Bryan, TX. The address to the campsite will not be posted publicly on our website to ensure the safety of all of our participants. 



April 6-9, 2023

Where do I send my payment for retreat.


It is important that you register for the retreat here first. After registering please proceed to Cash App $Occupycm your payment. In the memo please put "Billions Retreat, First Name & Last Name"


What is your zero tolerance policy? 


No alcohol, smoking, drugs, fighting, stealing, sexual activity or tampering with other people's belongings. Occupy Global reserves the right to dismiss anyone who violates these terms and a refund will not be given. 



What should I bring?


Comfortable clothes, hygiene products,  blanket, pillow, sheets, Bible, water bottle, snacks, towels/washcloths, closed toe shoes, bug spray/sunscreen, backpack. Please also pack modest swim attire.



What time does retreat start and end?


Retreat begins Thursday April 14th at 9am and ends Saturday April 16th at 12pm.


Missouri State University students will depart from campus on Wednesday April 13th at 9pm. Departure times for University of Texas and Texas State students will be announced at a later date.


* Once you arrive to the retreat you are required to remain at the retreat site unless your parent or guardian picks you up and/or signs you out. Once you leave the retreat you are not allowed to return as you are no longer under the care of Occupy Global.



Do I need to bring money for food?


* All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are covered under your registration fee.However, you may bring extra snacks because who doesn't like to snack!?

What are deliverance sessions?


You do not HAVE to go through a deliverance session at the Occupy Billions Retreat. Sign ups will be available and will be sent out via email and we will also send you more information so that you can make an informed decision. 


Deliverance is needed if your life is hindered spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally (in some form) by powers of darkness. Deliverance is meant to get to the root of the things that hinder your personal relationship with the Father and address the root of them. You will receive deliverance in a group setting. Deliverance workers will minister specifically to the area(s) directed by the leader of the session as he/she calls out various areas of bondage as directed by Holy Spirit. It is the responsibility of the individual to press into the atmosphere and be open to receive.


Prior to the session, the session leader will pray and walk everyone through a series of confessions and renunciations to bring you into alignment with God’s will and out of agreement with the bondage of demonic influence.

What is Occupy?


Occupy is a campus ministry established to be a safe place for student to experience growth, discover their purpose, and build an intimate relationship with God.  Occupy provides life changing atmosphere, dynamic worship and relevant word to every student across our campuses. If you would like more information about Occupy click here.